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Ana's Real Estate Math Course Study Schedule

Students often ask how long it will take to get through the course. That time depends on many factors, like your general comfort level with math, time per day you can dedicate to studying, and your deadlines. Below is an average study schedule for studying 1-2 hours a day for one week.


How to Become a Realtor in BC?

Welcome! In this post, you will learn the four steps you need to take to become a realtor in British Columbia. STEP 1: English Language Proficiency You must be proficient in English and satisfy the Language Proficiency Requirement. STEP 2: Complete Two Courses Fees: $1,150 + $918.75...


Top 3 Math Mistakes to Avoid on the UBC Real Estate Exam

Are you studying for the UBC Real Estate Exam? Worried about the math questions? Most people fail the exam because of the math. I've taught BC real estate math to hundreds of people and in this article, I will teach you the three most common math mistakes. Knowing and avoiding them will...